Shantanoo Govilkar

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Shantanoo Govilkar is an optimist always seeking opportunities to contribute to communities in whatever Prof HEadshotcapacity he can. He has been an active volunteer in running orphanages, working in special Olympics and several other causes dedicated to small children since his early twenties. Currently he has been helping several not-for-profit organizations (such as Lumity, NCWIT, Pratham USA, IDRF) in various capacity. His biggest project at present, as a board member of Improving Minds Inc., is to define and manage the Social Media program, develop Summer Reading Program for elementary school children in Park Forest and neighboring communities. He also runs Hindu religious study group in Schaumburg in his neighborhood, and is a ‘go-to’ person in his sub-division to arrange summer picnics, block parties and helping families in needing advice / help.

He works as an Executive Vice President for Technology Consultants, Inc. leading their sales, marketing, and new practice development efforts. He has a Masters in Computer Science from VJTI, India, an “Ivy League” college in India.

He is married to Tanuja and they both have a 15 year old daughter, Shweta. Entire family enjoys outdoors, people-centric activities, and maintaining an active lifestyle where TV has no place in their life whatsoever! 