Sharon Newman

In by chaz sanders

Sharon Newman, born Sharon Nolberto in Dangriga, Belize Central America and was raised by her maternal grandparents until she was eight years old. In 1984 she migrated to the United States to join her parents in Los Angeles, California and assimilated into the American Culture, as most children assimilate into the culture they grow up in. Despite the fact that Sharon grew up with Garifuna parents she never learned how to speak the Garifuna language.

Sharon is now married with two children of her own and resides in Illinois. In her spare time she volunteers’ teaching children how to read. Meeting her civic duty to give back to her community is part of the moral fiber that drives her life and goal to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

A few years ago she realized that she could not pass on her Garifuna language and culture to her daughters in a way that could strengthen their identity and empower their choices! Sharon realized she had to do something to protect, preserve and promote the Garifuna language and culture, which has been legally declared endangered. She was inspired to develop Improving Minds Inc., the not for profit organization focused on protecting, preserving and promoting Garifuna culture and heritage through education. Now is the time to help the Garifuna community save the children, language, culture, and ultimately the community at large.