• Members must be between the age of 13-18 years if age
• Members must maintain an B average in school to be considered to serve on the board.
• Members must volunteer at least 10 hours to Improving Minds prior to serving on the Youth Board, to ensure and determine that you and Improving Minds are a right fit for each other
• Members must have a strong interest in furthering Improving Minds movement among peers
• Members will give participation and viewpoints to assist Improving Minds in marketing to the youth and young adults in the membership
• Members will attend meetings of the board as well as any conference calls, or webcasts throughout the year they
serve on the board and can expect to volunteer approximately a minimum of 5 hours a month
• Members must Help create consistency and continuity of Improving Minds program by identifying individuals to
serve future terms on the Youth Board
• Members must fulfill at least one leadership role during board tenure with Improving Minds.
• Members must keep Improving Minds a priority throughout their time on the board